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Virtual Press Junket

We offer a variety of Junket options to meet your needs.

Producing a Press Junket on Zoom or any other public web platform is cost effective and can provide a variety of features. We work with talent and media to ensure they are comfortable with the operation of the platform. Journalists are given a link that they click in order to enter the holding room. When the talent is ready, the journalist is placed into the breakout room with them. There are multiple junket formats. For example, if there are several cast members, each person can be in a separate "room" or the junket can be run as a panel discussion.

For a high level of production, we can use a secured streaming platform with integrated post features such as picture in picture, green screen studio, lower thirds and other graphic overlays. A B-roll crew could also film at the talent's location. Crew would follow stringent social distancing and safety protocol.

Contact us today for more information.

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VIrtual Press Junket: Feature
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