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Q-Line Entertainment - Augmented Reality Rewards App

Incentify your clients to stand in line

It’s easy. Customers simply download an app while they are waiting in line. Using the app, they will scan window clings or QR codes applied to store or mall windows or walls while they stand in line. This will trigger a short 3D animation segment designed specifically for the retailers and / or malls (using their artwork or custom artwork we create). 

The animation will conclude in a “spin the wheel” style game where customers can win or "spin" again. The winning coupons are custom designed for the client, offering any promotion they want. If coupons are not right for your brand, the game can be substituted for any video or information you want the customer to view. Promotions can be easily modified. This is location based and will only work while the customer is in close proximity to the cling, encouraging people to stay in line. Customers can play multiple times but have to wait a pre-determined length of time before playing again. Other win limits can be pre-set. 

Q-Line Entertainment - Augmented Reality Rewards App: Feature
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